Review of Chronicles of Aurion


This isn’t one that I worked on but it is a good little bit of fantasy.  The author has put it up for free in December and I figured the least I could do in return for his good will was to review it.   The review is below:

Hidden treasure, magic, dire consequences, temptation and betrayal are just some the things that you will find in Chronicles of Aurion.
Chronicles is a short work, serving as a prequel to the author’s Beating Back the Darkness series. As such, it doesn’t do as much world building and character development as a fresh reader might like. That said, what is there is intriguing. Enough is done that the reader wants to learn more about both the human and orc worlds that are described. The hints of the magic system in this world are particularly interesting and represent a fresh approach to just what it takes for a mortal to wield mystical power.
Herbert particularly shines in those flashbacks with the development of the chief villain of the work and her primary servant. Scenery and plot are paced nicely throughout, though they suffer a bit in the present day frame.
All considered, Chronicles of Aurion was an enjoyable work from an author whose work and world I look forward to exploring more of in the future.

Here’s the link to Chronicles of Aurion on Amazon.

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