Returning Soon

We’ve been away for a bit due to the day job sucking up nearly every bit of free time. The long hours are pretty much done though so we’ll be back to blogging and doing interviews in the next few weeks.

Tormenting Characters

@SamBakerWrites and @KrystleIII return for a lengthy discussion on the necessity and joy of tormenting your characters for the good of the story. We also make a few digressions into other arenas.

And the video as always.


Also check out Krystle’s website:

And Sam’s book:

A Short Update

Hopefully, the podcast feed will be updated to iTunes by this time tomorrow. Once that is done, I’ll be uploading all the episodes here.

Also, I’ll be catching up on posting some of the projects I’ve worked on that have found their way to Amazon. If you just looked at the list here, you’d think I haven’t done anything since the site was started! I assure you, that is not the case!

Coming out of hibernation.

It has been some time since I’ve posted here. My Fiverr account got incredibly busy and I was unable to keep up with anything else for months. There have also been changes at the day job that have kept me from being as engaged as I would like. Of course, if you follow me on twitter (@gingermaneditor) you know I’ve been engaging there a lot.

I’ve also started doing podcasts, running two and contributing to two others. For the purposes of this post, I want to mention Coffee, Books, Repeat. This podcasts is dedicated to promoting authors, their work, and discussing the writing process.

Episodes will be uploaded here in the new future.

The website will be getting some improvements here as well, with more reviews getting uploaded as they are available, and fresh links to books that I have worked on. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and Gingerman Editorial 2.0 is getting off the ground.