Reviews from Past Customers

The following reviews have been taken from Gingerman Editorial’s Fiverr page:

“Without Eric,i can’t do anything when my mind is blocked. Thank you Eric. You’re my muse and a super awesome help. :-)” – Majo2

“this is my second time having him run through the same story. He pointed out new plot holes my revisions created and gave me some great advice on how to plug them up. Hire this guy if you can take honest criticism and want your book to be the best it can be.” – Frankwollenbeck

“this is the second job I have given to gingermaneditor. (a repeat customer should be a good sign.) he read my book and showed me where I can make it better.” Frankwollenbeck

“Thank you very much for another excellent collaborative writing. I am very happy with the script. Have a wonderful Christmas:-)” – Majo2

“Easy to work with and delivers great articles” – Nickcartledge

“I had a great experience working with gingermaneditor. He worked with me on a non-fiction book. He communicated well and delivered the service on time. He caught many grammar errors/typos that I had overlooked, and he gave me some good overall feedback as well. I would highly recommend him and would definitely work with him again in the future.” – Brandonbeaber

“Thank you for all the branstorming and helping to shape a better story. I loved the scenes. I am so adicted to Eric, this great writer and editor. I recommend him to all authors and writers. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed all these stimulating sessions. I will show it to my executive producer and hope i get a green light. Thank you so much.” – Majo2

“It was a great short journey in a collaborative writing. Eric has been a tremendous help. I can’t wait to finance my feature film and have him on board. He is one of the best writers whom I have ever had pleasure to work with. My story has shaped very well. Thank you very much, Eric. You’re the best.” – Majo2

“Thanks so much for another thorough beta read! There was even some editing that he included. I plan on coming back with my other books.” – Renaissancewrit

“Great work. You are officially my ghost writer of the future. You have prepared an excellent overview of what I was trying to achieve.” – Nickcartledge

“Very detailed feedback. Delivered on time and stayed in communication with me.” – Lisamassimil130

“I believe the feedback I received will help to improve my story. There were good suggestions and annotations throughout the text. Great to have another set of experienced eyes on the manuscript.” – Icoubrough

“Eric is not only a good looking writer but also he provides an excellent product. He never gives up on the project and follows closely until he meets the requirements. The final product is excellent and exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much and I wish you a wonderful Saturday and rest of the weekend. A+” – Majo2

“Fantastic work and what great value for money. Saved me a heap of time and great to have something written from someone else’s perspective” – Nickcartledge

“Gingermaneditor: You are awesome! Thank you so much for your suggestions! You truly exceeded my expectations.” – Brandonbeaber

“Great Job Gingermaneditor as always !!! Eric will always be a crucial part of developing my stories. Highly recommended.” – Tampabayls

“Excellent draft and turnaround time! Definitely something I can work with. Creative and gets vision quickly! Thanks!!” – Aliciagreen475

“Hey thanks for taking the time needed for this project. I know the book was long. I appreciate the feedback. thanks for you fair analysis. Was hard to get any family and friends to say anything critical.” – Scottjech

“it has been an amazing experience working with him. I will be using him for all my creative written content.” – Willymelvin22

“Simply Perfect… It is a really pleasure to work with you. You are doing a wonderful job.” – Yanaifl

“Wonderful to work with. Super fast delivery! Great comments!” – Elarywakefield

“I recommend Gingermaneditor as a solid and reliable writer. I know there are thousands of writers on fiverr. You will not be disappointed if you choose him. He does magic every time.” – Glowingheart

“Excellent beta reader. Presented good suggestions that provide food for thought. Pointed out some aspects I had not considered. I will send more chapters soon. Fast Delivery and High Quality!” – Bestrepasobestr

“Eric is an awesome communicator as well as a great editor. I love his work and will definitely work with him again. Quality five star service!” – Glowingheart

“This guy poked hole after hole in my plot and showed me just how woefully unprepared I am to show this to an agent or publisher. He saved me loads of embarrassment.” – Frankwollenbeck

“awesome experience, he’s very easy to work with and is good at what he does.” – Bullystreetz

“Excellent job. Extremely satisfied. Highly recommended. Shall definitely use again.” – Selva5

“The whole thing was as expected, as described. I would recommend and would reuse. Thanks,” – Patmharris

“This was a clear, concise critique which provided me an insight into my story which I had completely overlooked. Thank you so much!” – Tomthemusician