Coming out of hibernation.

It has been some time since I’ve posted here. My Fiverr account got incredibly busy and I was unable to keep up with anything else for months. There have also been changes at the day job that have kept me from being as engaged as I would like. Of course, if you follow me on twitter (@gingermaneditor) you know I’ve been engaging there a lot.

I’ve also started doing podcasts, running two and contributing to two others. For the purposes of this post, I want to mention Coffee, Books, Repeat. This podcasts is dedicated to promoting authors, their work, and discussing the writing process.

Episodes will be uploaded here in the new future.

The website will be getting some improvements here as well, with more reviews getting uploaded as they are available, and fresh links to books that I have worked on. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and Gingerman Editorial 2.0 is getting off the ground.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy shazbot, business has definitely picked up in the last couple of weeks.  Here’s a partial list of what I have been or soon will be up to:

  • Mystery novel beta read
  • Another mystery novel beta read
  • Sci-fi novel review
  • Ghost writing a guide book
  • Writing a blurb for a band concert
  • Editing articles on direct response marketing
  • Writing a series on restaurant marketing
  • Writing an article on interview performance

In the near future, I’ll also be interviewing one of my oldest clients, the very first stranger to take a chance on my work.  I’m really looking forward to that one.

Also for the next few weeks, I may not be very present on the internet more than is absolutely necessary. It’s basically the result of piles of extra work at the day job.  Like extra work to the tune of 72hr weeks for the next month.  So yeah, I’ll be posting and tweeting sporadically at best.  After that, I’ll be back with a vengeance.

Interview with Deanna Verhoff

First, I apologize for not posting for a couple of weeks.  It has been insanely busy here at Gingerman HQ.  Second, I apologize as well for the lousy lighting in this video.  We had a ton of technical difficulties to overcome on this one.  Now on to more important things.

Deanna is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure to work with.  I’ve only been able to fully edit one of her books and begin reading another but from what I can tell, both are excellent and in a class of their own.  More than that, it would be best to let the interview do the talking.

Editorial Philosophy

In the inaugural video here at Gingerman Editorial, I explain a bit of my editorial philosophy.  I talk about the importance of internal consistency vs. external consistency and talk about the over emphasis on things like adverbs and passive voice.

The Biography of Mose Jones Jr. – Reviewed

As a follow up to my previous post, here is a link to the review in Midwest Book Review of The Biography of Mose Jones Jr. that was referenced in the post.

The site is hopelessly out of date and hard on the eyes, so here is an excerpt from the review:

Readers follow Mose Jones Jr. from his family’s roots as poor sharecroppers in a small Alabama town under Jim Crow laws to his determination not to fall victim to abuses and fate, but to become a productive, giving and positive person for himself and those around him.  Perhaps this is the most powerful aspect of her biographical sketch as it considers how the messages of hard work, resourcefulness and the importance of both self-reliance and of working with others were cultivated at home and reinforced by church and community.

Dr. Jones makes certain that each page of her father’s life is backed by essential information about his purposes, influences, the social and political milieu he operated in, and why these achievements are historically significant events that go far beyond a family’s pride in their patriarch.  

The result adds a key note to the annals of civil rights history and is highly recommended for any library holding strong in this subject and particularly in powerful biographies of individuals who may not be household words in national civil rights circles; but who should be.