The Gift and the Defender



Following up from my interview with Pastor Bramwell, his book, The Gift and the Defender has been released.  It represents one of the more interesting story methods I’ve had the privilege of working on.  I certainly don’t want to give away anything but there are two parallel stories being told, one being a thought experiment similar to Bruce Almighty and the other is a medieval epic.  The result is something genuinely unique.

For those who are interested, follow the link over to my friends at Grail Quest Books.

My first Fiverr gig

Approximately a year ago (2015), I set up my first gig on Fiverr.  I then waited for many months before finally landing a job in the spring.  That job was editing a guide directed at immigrants looking to get hired in Canada.  Since then, I have rarely had a day without work and that first client has become my best and most consistent client to date.

Here is the cover of that first book.


The review have been strong as well, with 100% of reviewers giving if five stars.

If you would like to hire us, you can email directly at

or you can go to the Fiverr gig linked above.

It Begins

Welcome to Gingerman Editorial. We are an independent editorial service providing proofreading, copy and content editing, and story editing for books, articles, and websites. We’ve already aided in developing properties for independent publishers Grail Quest Books and Oloris Publishing.
We also offer services in podcast creation such as audio editing and managing of You Tube accounts.
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